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Businesses Improved

Businesses we have improved through employee training programs.

Employees Trained

We help to up-skill employees making them a more valued asset.

Bespoke business course packages

Customer Success for Business Clients

40% of employees feel disengaged due to a lack of proper training. We can change this.

Our bespoke business course packages help employees feel invested in and valued, while our dedicated Customer Success team offers a wealth of benefits for businesses that enrol their employees with us.

Customer Success will be in contact with your staff for their training journey with regular check-ins to ensure satisfactory course progression, feedback to help employees optimise their learning, and consultation on personalising your business' Percipio platform to guarantee the best results from your investment.

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Our Customer Success team is always available to chat about your course package, your employees’ course progression and performance, and any concerns you might have. We’ll also check in regularly according to your schedule. StudentCare™ representatives are always on hand to assist students and ensure optimal learning satisfaction.

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Your business package and Percipio platform can be entirely customised to your business needs. Add and subtract courses from your bundle at your contract renewal date and enrol new students onto courses at any point.

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We provide progress reports for individual users and can also harness analytical data showing the progress of your whole team. This will show which courses and resources were most used in a specific timeframe, how many hours were spent learning, the duration of time spent logged in, and more.

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