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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to RobustIT, these are the most commonly asked questions from our students.
We hope this section will help you find answers you are looking for.

Frequently asked questions

General Enquiries

If you haven't received your training brochure, feel free to resubmit another enquiry or For all enquries call us on:
For US +1 855 578 6902
For UK 02038 757 827.
You can connect to our courses via any computer or tablet with an internet connection. We may ask you to login through a live lab or download an app for your tablet.
As the IT industry is a forever evolving process, we ensure that all our courses are updated with the latest information and changes to the syllabus at no extra charge. This is to ensure you have an excellent learning experience and are not behind on the times.
Depending on the course you are studying there are a variety of jobs available. We can also help you with your job search.
Your account may be eligible for access to our live practical labs. These powerful tools simulate a classroom training environment and are run through our remote server. All of our software specific training courses will include live lab access, this means that the likes of our Microsoft and Cisco Courses packages (amongst others) will come packaged with our intuitive live lab systems.
Yes, all of our courses have either a completion certificate or official qualification. You will usually find your certificate available for download right from your training portal once you've completed all of the tests on your account.
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