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Who is this for?

Whether you have left, are leaving the military, or needing to up-skill for your current role, we can help. With decades of industry knowledge behind us and being the longest standing ELC provider for Cybersecurity training, we understand where you are coming from and can help you reach your goal in the IT domain.

We are a Microsoft Gold partner, CompTIA and our Certified Ethical Hacker & Certified Security Analyst training courses are certfied by NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) as well as the EC-Council and are also a PearsonVue testing centre. Our training is official, our classrooms small and our support takes you through to recruitment and beyond.

Do I need any IT background?

Not at all. You can read below how we have built the training from the fundamentals giving you the skills and certifications needed to step into the industry.


Why these courses?

Our goal in putting this package together was to cover what the industry requires to make you effective in the workplace. We have reverse-engineered the training by looking at what the job markets ask for in cyber roles and worked back to the basics. The idea is to keep as many options as possible within the industry open to you once qualified.

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